Happy customers

Jackie has helped me set my vision & values, and it has been an amazing experience. Although I was skeptical at first, Jackie gave me peace of mind by being patient, open-minded and by kindly addressing all the fears and insecurities I had with the process. A few weeks after our sessions, I can already say that the values she helped me define have allowed me to have a better direction in my life, having a strong foundation to go back to whenever I drift in my relationships, work or spiritual life. Jackie is a great facilitator and a great human being. She genuinely cares about helping people. That shows from day 1, and allows for a beautiful experience that can help you grow and evolve in your life. I would recommend Jackie to any friend or family member, so I am happy to recommend her services to any stranger on the Internet as well. I am sure you won't regret it :)“

   -   Lucas: Vision & ValuesSession, Spain

“Jackie is your ideal project manager for one big reason:  Yes, she's got all the analytical, left-brained analysis matched with thorough no-stoned-unturned detail...  Yes, she's so very easy to work with and got along with everyone on my time...  And yes, I felt like I was in good hands the whole time (I do not have her expertise, so I was counting on trusting someone)...  BUT  The big reason is that she has all that AND a creative mind equipped to SEE THE BIG PICTURE. I have worked with project managers who are fantastic at seeing and organizing what's right in front of them and a few steps ahead. But because Jackie can see the big picture, she can plan for the big picture in a way that most project managers I've encountered can't.  That alone is worth anything she asks…“

   -   Mitch: Business Planning Consultant Package, USA

Michelle and Jackie did for me what I couldn't do for myself, 10 bags of clothes removed and I have not missed anything.  Tried, tested and treated with respect and love."

   -   Christine: Home Transformation, UK

"They have changed the way I organise and store my clothes and my bedroom feels much nicer now.  It was a fun afternoon and I'm still reaping the benefits. A brilliant chance to clear out, reorganise and now enjoy the clothes I have!”

   -   Saskia: Wardrobe Transformation, UK

"I enjoyed this afternoon, for loads of reasons! Thanks so much for helping me to tackle a job that has long been on the to-do list, but never made the priority list!  This job was made way better by such invaluable support and advice from you both, and fun!  I had no idea so many bags of clothes existed in my life! And now that so much has gone to charity, I feel lighter in every way. I’m excited to get up tomorrow and easily find what to wear in my organised, clutter free drawers/wardrobe.”

   -   B: Wardrobe Transformation, UK

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