Free initial consultation before booking any of our packages; listening to what causes you the most overwhelm and discomfort in your life or your business.


Do you have big dreams but feel unsure how to make them happen? Are you unsure what to tackle next? Are you feeling stuck? Unclear? Do you find making life decisions hard? 

The Personal Vision Session supports you to create a clear vision for your future self.  Who you want to become, where you want to be, how you want to feel.  It helps you set intentions and align your current decisions, plans and actions to get there.  The session involves a mixture of disciplines and personal experience.  It’s an honour and privilege to bear witness to your wildest dreams unfolding. I look forward to taking that journey with you.


Whether you are within your first year of business or pivoting your business in a new direction, it is important to outline where you’re heading. You and your team need to be clear on where you’re moving towards and why. Painting a clear vision is imperative to ensure you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.  If Bob is singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jeremy is singing We Will Rock You, you might have a problem.

The Business Vision Session supports you to get clear on the future of your business. It aligns you and your team; it is a precursor to setting a strategy and goals. Everyone in your business should know where the business is heading and why, and how they personally contribute to the bigger picture. It supports decision making, aligns plans and actions. Every action should lead to the bigger vision. 


  • Diary, travel and inbox management
  • Social media management
  • Event planning
  • Online research
  • Budget & financial planning 

Business planning CONSULTANT £70 p/h

  • Project management (Agile) - planning, reporting & governance 
  • Translating your strategy into tangible plans, goals and actions
  • Creating or redefining your productivity or time management systems/tools
  • Creating or redefining your document management system
  • Assessing areas of weakness and recommending solutions


  • Discussion on what causes you the most overwhelm & discomfort in your life
  • Practical online session to facilitate you to decide what to keep or let go of
  • Together we will rearrange your wardrobe, storage space or room to work for you
  • Support you in how and where to sell items generating income from the session
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